Take the deep clean challenge!

Take the Deep Clean Challenge

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Angie 5 stars
This detergent cleans like none other. I washed my stinky towels and in just one wash, they were fresh and clean. That had never happened with any other detergent!
Starlight802 5 stars
All you need is this!! This product has saved me from needing to use multiple other items; stain remover, fabric softener, scent booster etc. Give this a try and you will be so glad you did.
Carissa 5 stars
I love that this is tough enough to stain-bust my son's play clothes, but gentle enough to keep my work clothes looking nice and not worn.
Brooke 5 stars
This laundry detergent is AWESOME! It got out stains on my sons ball clothes that have been set in there for a while. Left them sparkling clean and smelling very fresh!
Bryce 5 stars
This detergent is a must in every laundry room of every house that has sports equipment!!! WOW!!! AAA+++
Fanny 5 stars
I have now had this detergent for a couple weeks and I still love it. The smell is great, my clothes smell and look clean. My husband's and son's socks have no trace of the usual stink.
Michelle 5 stars
Love Persil! Cleaned my clothes great and smelled so fresh too! I would highly recommend this to all my friends and family!
Julie 5 stars
I figured I would put this to the test, so I tried this on the dogs' bedding. It worked wonderfully to clean and remove odor! I will definitely buy this again.
Rebecca 5 stars
I love how fresh and clean my family's clothes are now thanks to Persil. It was able to get out the tough stains my son had on his jeans after his recent bicycle crash.
Brooke 5 stars
Used Persil ProClean laundry detergent on my husband's work clothes. Husband works around grease, oil, and gasoline all day so his clothes tend to smell funky at end of the day. Persil got his clothes clean and smelling fresh. LOVED it!
Toya 5 stars
I love this product the smell lights up the entire house and the clothes are exceptionally clean.

Those Who Try Persil®, Love Persil®. Here's Why

deep clean
A Deep Clean You Can't Deny
Persil® ProClean® detergent is formulated to deliver a deep clean for life's messy moments
stain fighting
Exceptional Stain Fighting Ingredients
Persil® ProClean® has stainfighting enzymes specially designed to break down stains and deliver an exceptional deep clean
fresh scent
Long Lasting Freshness
Persil® ProClean® scents deliver a powerful freshness that lasts long after wash

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Hear From Our Community

Michelle Diltz
Not only does @persilproclean help fight those tough stains but it also has an amazing fresh scent!
Vanessa Berlin
When stacks of laundry begin to pile up, @persilproclean has my back!
Holly Wade
Most days, you'll find me crafting on the floor, covered in paint or chocolate or glue, but thankfully I can trust @persilproclean to remove stains and freshen my clothes again and again!
Farheen Valliani
Clean laundry makes me happier than it should! I’ve been using @PersilProClean Laundry Detergent, and it’s been a game changer!